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Thursday May 30

Poster Session A

11.45 - 12.45 / Foyer

Extracting the gait fingerprint - a sensitive tool to personalize gait rehabilitation?

David Sina

How to develop prediction models in case of only a few events?​

Sjoerd Garssen

Exploring Public Concerns on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Sara Soriano Longarón

User-friendliness of the picterus® jaundice pro application​

Frouke Terpstra

Travel Burden for Patients with Multimorbidity – Proof of Concept Study in a Dutch Tertiary Care Center

Hidde Dijkstra

Satisfaction with wacht@ctief: a minimally guided ehealth program for individuals waiting for mental health care​

Sanne Booij

Factors influencing accessibility of videoconsultations for patients with low digital literacy​

Wieke Bouwes

Personal Health Records in hospital care: quantitative and qualitative evaluation of patients’ expectations and user-experiences

Job van 't Veer

Experimenting with alarm strategies to prevent alarm fatigue in a neonatal intensive care unit using u digital twin

Job Leenen

General practices’ experiences with patients’ web-based access to medical records​

Jelle Keuper

Implementation Healthcare Technology in connection with National initiatives

Helma Kaptein

Meeting your virtual selves: a systematic review of multiple selves exercises in immersive virtual reality​

Judith Austin

Dental care prevention in low socio-economic families: a qualitative study

Laurence Alpay

Thursday May 30

Poster Session B

15.15 - 16.15 / Foyer

Synthetic data to enable development of machine learning models for healthcare​

Levi Schilder

Individual effectiveness of psychosocial and exercise interventions on breast cancer related-fatigue – what works for whom?​

Lian Beenhakker

The CeHRes Roadmap 2.0

Hanneke Kip

Exploring value tensions around nutrition and the role of stress in families in vulnerable neighbourhoods

Noa van den Brink

Mapping decision-making on engagement strategies in digital health interventions: a scoping review​

Isabella Cadoni

A contextual inquiry and value specification in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation management​

Atena Mahboubian

Digitization of cognitive behavioral therapy: from treatment room to daily life through co-design​

Fetsje de Jong

NeuroEpiTool – a research digital tool to ascertain neurological outcomes in population-based studies by a non-expert

Vasco Ferreira

Scoping review into support initiatives for patients to engage ehealth inclusion​

Wieke Bouwes

Business modelling for smart sensor technology to support aging in place of people with dementia

Christian Wrede

Why do home-based rehabilitation technologies keep ending up in the valley of death?

Karlijn te Boekhorst

Nurses’ experiences of employment in novel hospital-based virtual care centres in the Netherlands: a qualitative study

Job Leenen

Second edition of the ‘eHealth Research Theory and Development: A multidisciplinary approach’ book

Nienke Beerlage-de Jong

Exploring emotions in virtual reality: a physiological approach​

Laura Feliziani

Exploring the Impact of the CAPABLE eHealth Intervention on HRQoL in Melanoma Patients Undergoing Immunotherapy: A Prospective Pilot Study

Itske Fraterman

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